could someone please help me with the samsung galaxy watch 4 calendar?

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Hello, I just got the samsung galaxy watch4 sm-r895u. I am trying to figure it out. I was looking at the watch's calendar and found that it is only syncing with my calendar on my phone (galaxy S7) up to only 6 days in advanced. This means the watch is not showing any appointments from my phone's calendar that are further than 6 days away. This does not seem right or make sense. There must be some setting that needs to be changed. Also I can't seem to find a way to add an appoint only phone. The only thing in the app and a thing that tells my phone to go to its calendar and I have to add the appointment on the phone. This too doesn't make sense I have seen a video of someone being able to create an appointment on their Samsung watch that was an earlier model. Any help would be appreciated.

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