couple tips I picked up tonight


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Feb 22, 2011
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If you have the auto dim turned off you can adjust the it on the home screen by swiping back and forth on the top (notification line). Also if you are shooting a pic that has a lot of sun you can aim the camera down press the camera button and hold then aim at your object or subject and release. This should keep the glare out. Haven't tried that one since it is dark out now, but will have to test it in the morning.

I love the camera on this phone with all the sweet features it has, such as panorama!

Shout out to my boy Sam at Sprint for the help.
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Nov 11, 2009
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One I saw from a Samsung video that is neat is while browsing contacts you can drag the bar on the right to flip through all the letters in the alphabet but while holding your finger on say L move it a little to the left and continue to swipe down and it shows the next letter ex LE. Really helpful for a lot of contacts. And on a contacts name swipe left on the name to go into text messaging to send them a message, or swipe right and it calls them.