Cover-Up #WOODBACK EXPLORER Case for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review


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Apr 23, 2011
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-Good side grip


-Somewhat minimal face drop protection.


Are you someone who just LOVES the look of WOOD? If so then look no further than the Cover-Up #WOODBACK Case! Imagine…wood crafted by hand…now imagine this on a case…and all for just $24! What you get is a lovely unique REAL wood grain back, compared to many large manufacturers who use plastic and rubber in mass automated processes. Which would you prefer? I will be honest, I have used many cases, and this case is just stunning beyond belief. It’s like someone plucked a wood plank from my hardwood floors and stuck it onto the back of a polycarbonate case. All this in a fairly slim profile, considering the wood back.

Cover-Up makes two cases, the #WOODBACK SNAP Case and the #WOODBACK EXPLORER Case. The one I chose was the EXPLORER model because it provides a little more protection, and better side grip

What You Get

The case comes in a thin dark gray cardboard packing. Nothing special, but gets the job done.


Cover-up has a moderately thick polycarbonate shell which would provide some amount of protection for back and corner drops, probably the most that you will see in these slim style cases. However, the front has almost no lip, and provides minimal face drop protection. With the phone face down on a table, I tried to stick a business card, and was not able to do so without touching the screen.



Fitment, Feel, and First Impressions
Did I mention that the wood back was amazing? Yes it is! Each piece of wood is laser cut to ensure precise fitment, but HAND SANDED to create a smooth exterior. The wood back is then treated to make it more durable against the elements. You can even SMELL the varnish treatment, and it is refreshing compared to the plastic and rubber smell of most cases.

You can gently rub the wood and actually feel the grain! Very nice! The wood back doesn’t have much grip, but this is made up for in the polycarbonate part of the case, which is fairly slim, and has raised textured sides to increase grip.


As a disclaimer, I kept the stock back plastic on my phone, which is probably the reason why the mic hole is slightly misaligned. Aside from that, all the buttons are recessed and are well aligned, and require a moderate force to press, so as to help avoid accidental presses in the pocket. Also, the buttons aren’t textured, making it easy to feel for the buttons when needed.


Please note that because this is real wood, no two cases are ever going to be the same! If you want your case to look like everyone else’s, then this is not the case for you! However, if you want a unique case, then buy away!


Why should I buy it?
The question I have to ask you is do you love the look and feel of well crafted wood? If yes, then you should buy this case. It is well priced at just $24! The stain I chose was Padauk, however, there are many wood stains available. What are you waiting for? Head over to Cover-Up and pick up one today!
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