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Coverting Bixby Experience to Samsung Rewards [CANADA] Rant


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Dec 27, 2012

I was excited that I would have the option to convert my Bixby experience points into Samsung Rewards points.
Then I got Bixby in Canada, and didn't see the option. So after some research I find out that, in order to exchange points you need Samsung Pay. And only CIBC is supported right now in Canada. Even if you install the Samsung Pay app, and skip entering a card you still don't have the option.
This is just STUPID. With how many Countries now have Bixby voice. And how many DO NOT have Samsung Pay. There should have been an alternative way to convert your Bixby Experience over to Samsung Rewards.

I chatted into Samsung for a possible alternative and I ended up , as usual, supporting myself and finding my own answers.
Anyone else a bit peeved about this?

I just think that anyone that earns experience should have the ability to convert it to rewards. This would make sense, at least to me...