Crazy charging problems! I still have them and have had them for months even after unrooting!

Aug 28, 2013
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I have had this problem for about 4 months now, and it seems like everything I do, never fixes the problems. When I was rooted, I was having fun tweaking, flashing roms, and mods, but then one day my battery percentage was low so I plug my phone in the charger with the stock charger and cable that came with my GS3. I wait, 5 minutes goes by and I check my GS3 again, and it has the same exact battery percentage it had when I was going to plug it in to charge. Never even increased one single bit. So I thought to myself, that's strange. I wait another 5 minutes, and it only goes up by 1 percent. I was thinking to myself what the *beep*! Now I left it that night to charge, and I wake up... HOORAY! 100% fully charged! I take it out of the charger and BOOM! it drains all the way down, to a low percentage, which I'm pretty sure was the same percentage I had when I went to charge it last night. Now I was pissed man, phew, I got so mad! I read all over XDA and Android forums, and it seems like I'm not the only person who has this problem. There was one thread with many, many pages and counting. There were answers like, "just wipe battery stats", I wiped battery stats, the problem still persists. It still takes a very long time to charge and, once I immediately take it out of my charger it drains, to a very low percentage. So then people were saying "it's the cable, just use a different cable" I use a cable from a Pantech charger and I wait. It charged my GS3 just like the way it is supposed too. I'm thinking to myself, great it's back to normal charging state! Then another day, I plug it in the Pantech cable and my GS3 doesn't even recognize, that it is charging, no lightning symbol on the battery pic thing on the status bar. Again I was like what the *beep*! So I use various different chargers and cables and my GS3 doesn't even recognize any of them and everything is plugged in, EXCEPT for the stock cable that came with the GS3 which takes a very long time to charge and once it's fully charged and I take it out, it immediately drains to a low percentage. So I switched batteries with a friend of mine who had a high percentage, and I booted into CWM, and I wiped data/factory reset I wiped dalvik cache, and cache partition, and I reflashed my ROM. No fix. Same Problems. So I try many different ROMS, and every ROM I try. No fix. Same Problems. Even the very stable ones which supposedly have not many problems. I thought unrooting and going back to stock firmware would work. That's exactly what I did and... No fix. Same Problems. I downgraded to ICS and... No Fix. Same Problems. I have tried everything that people on XDA and other forums have said would fix the problem, and the problems are still there and it seems like there not going anywhere.



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