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Jay from South

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Mar 5, 2011
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I'm trying to change the battery icon on my Hero so that it has the percentage remaining displayed. This has been done for the Incredible by Jercik/Squintz and looks like this:


I am familiar with pushing/pulling/modifying .apk files so I tried to get the file posted on here in post #26 to work on my Hero.

I first attempted to do a direct replacement of the framework-res.apk, but that failed. So I then opened up the new framework-res.apk, extracted the battery image files and replaced the ones in my original framework-res.apk file. This worked, but I quickly found out that, by default, the hero only supports showing the battery status in increments of 20%. However, I really want to display the battery status in increments of 1%.

I was able to gather that in order to do this I need to modify the file "stat_sys_battery.xml" so I tried to replace this file on my original framework-res.apk with the new one provided in the package I linked to above, but this did not work.

So, I have concluded that I need to generate/modify my own .xml file somehow. The problem is that I have no clue how to deal with these .xml files.

If someone would be kind enough to show me how to edit/create .xml files for this purpose, I would greatly appreciate it.

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