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Custom LED Notification Colours are (sort of) Supported?


New member
Apr 12, 2016
So, I purchased a OP3 shortly after launch. I had it for just under a week and sent it back due to faulty gyro sensors. In the time I had it, I didn't observe any different coloured LED notifications between apps. The other day new OP3 arrived, and after using it for a day I noticed BBM notifications were red, WhatsApp were white, while texts and emails were green. I had a wtf moment and went straight to the settings to see if they'd changed with the new update, but that wasn't the case (not surprisingly since that feature surely would have been mentioned in the update).

Anyway, it turns out that WhatsApp and BBM allow you to set the light colour in their own app settings, and the OP3 recognises this. Unfortunately the Google Apps don't have this setting (and use the "Global" led colour).

Has this been native Android behavior for a while? This could well be a noob moment on my part and general knowledge, but I've never owned an Android with the LED notification light prior to the OP3. I just know there were a few threads on the OP forums complaining that you can't customise the LED light by notification and I didn't see this behavior mentioned. In any event I'm pleased that if an app supports the option to set LED notification colour, that the device supports it.


New member
Apr 5, 2010
I've used the Light Flow app in the past to customize the LED color notifications. It's common for apps that issue notifications to allow the user to set the color they want to be notified with.