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Jun 6, 2012
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Cutie Monkey - is a fascinating game where the main character is a monkey-boy, which you drive it with your touch screen. Main goal of the game is to collect and bring to monkey-girl fruits that she wants, and get hearts for that. The number of hearts obtained depends on her mood. The longer a monkey-girl waits for its fruit, the angrier she gets. Fruit, which dreams of a monkey-girl at the moment, appears above her head. But, you need to hurry, because the girl's desire is changeable, and in a few seconds, she can change her mind. If you were late to bring her the dreaming fruit you break her heart.If the broken hearts will gather too much - you fail the level. In order to pass that level, you need to get a certain number of hearts. On the way to his lover, the monkey-boy will be met with the insidious enemies that in the collision will take the fruits from the main character, spending precious time for completing girl`s desire. From time to time, enemies can fall asleep. Take benefit of this, for going on a cloud, on which is the enemy. If the entire level you do not have any broken heart and the enemy has never bitten you and did not take the fruit, then you will have the opportunity to get a bonus level: for a certain amount of time to collect all the fruits from each cloud, thereby increasing its total number of points.

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