Cyanogen7 (CM7) vs MIUI


Sep 21, 2011
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Hi guys,

This has been done before, but after using each ROM for a few months I wanted to share my findings and hopefully help others who want to try an new ROM on their phone. Note, I use a Desire- slightly older device so do doubt more recent devices will perform better/ different.

Anyway, here's my list of the main pro's and con's for each:

Highly customisable visuals via Themes. Personalise any part of the phone (eg lockscreen, Boot animation, SMS app)
Iphone style interface- different to regular Android, looks very neat and tidy
Nice large icons, pleasing to the eye.
Nice animation touches eg. opening/closing folders, taking screenshots
Practical touches (Messaging app, call recorder, OTA updates, screenshot app)
Regular release of updates (weekly betas, monthly stable releases)
Live icons supported (counts missed calls, messages, updates)

Doesn?t handle Live Wallpapers well (lots of slow down on Desire)
Still very buggy (no vibrate on keyboard, Gallery issues, adjusting media volume)
Not a large active community to support issues/ development

Highly customisable homescreens and app drawer (especially with ADW EX)
Feels light and smooth
Incredible level of customisation of phone options and set up, BIG bonus!
Great support offered via CM forums, large user base.
Updates are of high quality and stable
Supports scrollable widgets.

Doesn?t provide Voicemail notifications in the UK!

I had been using CM7 for months and was very happy with it. I?d heard some talk of MIUI so decided to give it a try, and that?s what I currently have on my phone. I have to say, MIUI is good but I really miss the level of customisation available through CM7. CM7 also seems to run that little bit more smooth (although to be fair the build of MIUI I?m using is the latest beta).

As for support (very important when you start playing with ROMs!), CM7 wins again. I know that both these ROMs are developed by people in their spare time, but the CM team seem to have more resource and expertise at their disposal.

Happy to hear of other peoples experience, and if anyone wants to try either of these ROMs feel free to ask questions!


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