Data usage by removed apps and other strange issues I need help


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Nov 28, 2016
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I have a problem with "removed apps and users", it is using 30 GB of data. It's mostly on WiFi and I do have unlimited data but I'm afraid my carrier will start throttling data for me and the 2 other people on the plan. Not to mention I have a nice grandfathered account I will be really mad if this causes the carrier to make me update to the new more expensive unlimited everything plan. This has been going on since late October. I had a software corruption in chrome had the phone hardwiped but it was damaged from the corruption still so I got a new phone but I of course signed into my new phone with the same Google Gmail account and I'm afraid something bad may have been saved somewhere since I'm having strange issues on the new phone too now. I've ran literally every malware and virus scan and even tech support doesn't know how to fix it. They said that there's some corruption issues chrome can get that can only be fixed by going through manually all the extensions and saved settings in Google account. I can't find a single person who knows how to do that but I have 3 folders in my drive of download archive Google data and screenshots of the odd things going on. I've saved all the data hoping someone will finally come along that knows how to look through it and delete whatever corrupted data is causing all this. I can't just wipe chrome and start a new Google account because I was dumb and for years I have been saving and backing up everything to it including every password to every account I have. I'd be screwed and locked out of everything. And of course the login data for every site populates with stars never showing what the login info is. I'd really appreciate any suggestions because things are weird I'm logging into apps from all over the country and have some other strange things happening. I'm trying to prevent this phone from becoming possessed like my last one, it was really bad it got into everything and took over my whole phone even deleting alot of pictures and things in my backup which was beyond upsetting. I had to download SwiftKey keyboard on the new phone even because the Galaxy S7 keyboard was still making up its own words and not allowing you to correct it, it deliberately put the same letters back if you tried to delete and fix it. My data connection is horrible I am on WiFi and constantly have issues with email saying no Internet connection and I've been through 3 different email apps already because suddenly there's problems with sending or receiving legitimate emails it says it is trying to retrieve the sender very certificate and won't go through, meanwhile I have no issues receiving tons of spam emails while this is happening. Sync issues all over the phone, speed test shows ping is through the roof but DL speeds are 2 or 3 and upload is 1.3. I'm having trouble getting any pages to load at all sometimes I get the times out no response error or the been directed too many times error, a refuse to connect error, or the page will load and for just a second a screen pops up saying connection interrupted change in network detected but then it just continues to load like nothing happened. I have screenshots of all of this too. Basically everything is a mess and I'm doing everything I can to stop the bleeding. Can't even use smartswitch to transfer data to computer every data file in Chrome has exclamation point error saying there's hidden files. I use every safe search tool and VPN to lock and encryption everything but I think I'm only holding it down from further corruption temporarily. Open tabs frequently flash and move around and chrome is frozen until it's done. Google play services will out of nowhere say it has to close and the other night I must have sent 40 error reports it just kept interrupting what I was doing to have me send error reports. Chrome does this too as well as a few other apps. I do not click on any weird links or download anything but apps from the play store and only ones made by Google or company names I know. I literally do everything right and still am having problems. I'm at a loss of what to do. I need help.
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Sep 12, 2012
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I didn't get past the first line of your Q, simply because I can't read long writings without paragraphs.

But, when I uninstall an app, I make sure to Turn the app off, then delete the Cache and Data files, then uninstall it.

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