Data Usage Program - Can I disable any apps here?


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Jun 14, 2012
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Hi to the smartphone world and got this phone just about 2 weeks ago, enjoying it so far. Here is my small dilemma:

I have MobileTV (In Canada) which bills me by the hour, not by data usage. However if I use the app it will show up and count towards my data usage within the Galaxy data usage section. So if I set a limit and warning for my data, using this app will give me skewed results because the data used from MobileTV doesn't count towards my actual data limit.

I have played around with the phone to see how to get around it, but have had no success. Is there any possibility to disable MobileTV form showing up on the data usage section on the phone? Or am I pretty well stuck in this situation?

I can use wifi to sort of get around it, but I will probably be using mobiletv when I am away from the house and away from wifi spots, and I also believe Bell is going to stop it from working on wifi in the coming months from what I read.

Thanks for any help