Dear Verizon and BestBuy, Please have at least __,____ Thunderbolts ready for us...


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Sep 4, 2010
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Hi anxious (including me) forum members. I want to create this thread to only take a quick 'poll' so that Verizon and Bestbuy can know how many HTC Thunderbolts should be ready (at least) for us who are interested. (of course I know there will be many many more units available, more than in this thread).

If you are interested in purchasing the Tbolt, please only post once, and only post "+1" or plus how many you're going to be purchasing so that we can take a quick count to see how many are really serious about getting it. I don't think I've ever visited a forum sooo much as now. Every second I come back here super excited to look for some new leaked or official info. So I'm doing this to also help us kill the time until this beast will be released.

Please, again please stick to just typing "+1" or so and avoid typing stuff like bionic is better etc. This is for those getting this phone.

I need to get 4 (my cousin, my sister, my wife & I), so I'm just going to start this by typing:



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Feb 3, 2011
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Super stoked for this phone!

while the stock of devices at launch will not be at IPHONE numbers rest easy that there will be plenty of units available to all that want one.. Im not sure of best buy numbers but each verizon store will have dozens of units....

-1 cause I got mine already :)

Are you confirming that Verizon Wireless stores will have the TBolt on launch day? :p

Unless it already was confirmed, but pretty sure everything is still just speculation at this point.

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