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Jun 9, 2012
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Hi everyone, i'm new to this forum and smart phones.

I bought my very first smart phone about 2 weeks ago, it is a samsung galaxy Y and I love it, havent put it down since I got it!

My problem is I downloaded an app called TV theme tunes or something like that. Some how a truely awful ringtone was installed on my phone, if I did it, I never knew! Anyway after many hours of searching online for help I downloaded an app, a file manager called ASTRO but even following the instructions I couldnt find the ring tone, I used the serch facility but it says there is nothing there.

Eventually I thought I'd try connecting it to my PC (I know I was a bit slow on that idea) well it took some finding but find it I did and I managed to delete it :) I then disconnected it and went into my ring tones and blasted thing is still there! if I highlight it nothing plays so the sound has been deleted but not the title.

Most annoyingly i have now managed to find these ringtones using the app I downloaded! and I wonder if it would have deleted it completely using that?? would reinstalling it and trying to delete it again do the trick? or is that likely to just give me double the trouble?

can anyone please help me get rid of this ringtone title? I know its just sitting in my ringtone list doing little harm but I find it so annoying that I cant delete it if I want to, its my phone and if I want it gone why cant I delete it??? There has to be a way I just dont know what it is :'(

Many thanks for any advice you can offer.


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