Deodexing and odexing back.


Apr 1, 2014
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I am trying to edit a smali file in the framework.odex file on my stock touchwiz rom.

I first deodexed it with baksmali.jar

I got the "out" folder containing the .smali files which I wanted to edit. Great! right??

Without touching anything in the "out" folder, I attempted to odex back as a test.

I did so using smali.jar and got a my new framework.odex file in the smali/baksmali folder as expected.

However, the output framework.odex file is slightly smaller than the original framework.odex file which makes no sense to me.

The output file caused the device to bootloop when I replaced the original framework.odex file on the device with the one output from smali.jar. I then had to re-flash the system partition via odin. :mad:

I cannot seem to get a straight explanation on how to do this properly. I do not want to deodex my entire rom when all I need is to change a couple values in the AudioService.smali of my odexed framework.jar.

Can someone please help me deodex this freaking framework.odex file and odex it back so it actually works on the phone. I know I am close and there is a simple step I am missing yet I cannot figure it out to save my life.

Please help!!!!