DeskSMS - Trouble w/ Push Notifications


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Jul 15, 2013
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The subject line basically says it all. Just curious if anyone else uses this app and has had trouble with it recently. I bought the paid version about 2 months ago and it has worked well up to this point syncing across my GS4, N7, and desktop PC. When a new message would come in, I would see the Firefox add-on bar turn blue. And I could view my messages without ever checking my phone. About a week ago, I no long get push notifications on the PC side. I tried stopping the add-on, removing it completely, then adding it back and re-logging into it. Doesn't seem to help. I checked the DeskSMS settings on my phone and I don't see that anything has changed (there's not a lot to change either). I doubt anything on the PC side changed to make it suddenly stop working.

So just curious if anyone else has used this app and if you might have run into similar issues. I went with this app over MightyText because MT was missing various messages and not syncing properly with my contacts. And their tech support just quit answering my emails. I tried contacting the dev for DeskSMS but haven't heard anything back as of yet. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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