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Device detected - does not have proper root access


New member
Jun 11, 2013
This sounds kinda silly. Some time back, I tried rooting my phone as I accidentally deleted my ENTRIE camera album :'(
Howrever, the rooting do not seem to work and I kinda get over the fact of my lost pictures.
Question came about when LINE games could not be played and I am starting to wonder if my phone was really rooted.
I downloaded tha app Root Checker to run a check to ensure but it turned out to be a message "Sorry! This device does not have proper root access".

1) Does this mean my phone is rooted OR not rooted? :-\
2) How do I get back my phone to the original state? ;)

Thank you in advance.

Pjay Mackoy

New member
Aug 13, 2013
how did u deroot your device? have u idea how to unroot motorola xt531..
were thesame problem.. does not have proper root access.