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Feb 25, 2017
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Hi, I have owned this phone for a few months now and am still finding annoying and irritating gremlins.
The latest couple of problems are as follows:
The phone will not allow me to delete old and defunct e-mails. I hit the delete button they temporarily disappear only to pop back up again in my In Box. Those same messages can be easily deleted from the MacBookAir, but will not delete from the phone or vice versa

I have contacted DeWalt on a number of occasions who advise they cannot assist and they direct me to me e-mail provider (Google) Great if I knew exactly where to go or who I should contact.

Is there anybody out there who has or is having to tolerate this rather irritating weary who can advise exactly how one can clear the 'phones In Box.

The next weary is that the phone will not always ring when there is and incoming call but will go straight to Voice Mail. With the latter in mind I am also finding that 'old' messages on that system are not being immediately or automatically registered on the 'phone,. sometimes they are taking the best part of a week to appear

The DeWalt 501 is advertised as a 'Ruffy Tuffy' type of phone which will 'bounce' if dropped and 'swim' if it lands in water. The interior I am told by DeWalt is more or less a bog standard 'Smart Phone'

Any answers/suggestions that might solve these wearies would be appreciated

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Which email app are you using, and which email provider? If you added your email account using the provider's POP3 server, that can sometimes cause issues like this. For example, there's usually a setting with POP3 servers that allows you to either delete the email on the server once it's downloaded to the phone, or to keep the email on the server. If it's kept on the server, then it might be erroneously re-downloading to the phone after you delete it.

Regarding calls going to voicemail -- which carrier do you have, and how's the signal? If the network coverage is a little spotty, a call might go straight to voicemail.

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