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Did i brick my phone? nexus 5


AC Question

Hi! i wanted to get the 5.1 update ahead of time so i decided to flash the new factory image. I tried to do so using the flash-all command and got the "Update Package Missing System.img" error.
next i just decided to boot android as if nothing happened and do a factory reset and just wait for the OTA. But that's when the problem began. i started the reset process, and the phone just stays at the "erasing" for a looong time until the mini android "dies"
So i looked up the "missing system.img" error and flashed the system.img manually successfully. but when i entered the "fastboot reboot" command it went back to that "erasing" screen

is there any way to get my phone to STOP trying to do the factory data reset and just boot?

Thank you very much,


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
Do a complete ROM flash - all the files. (A factory reset doesn't replace missing files, it just wipes personal data and downloaded apps.)