Dionic Screen Will Not Turn On


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Jan 14, 2010
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Has anyone experienced an issue when trying to get their screen to turn on aka out of sleep mode? I checked a few e-mails earlier and hit the power button to turn off my screen. I went to check it a few hours later and hit the power button and the screen would not turn on at all. I hit the power button multiple times and still nothing. Plugged the device into a power source and still nothing. Once I pulled the battery and put it back in, hit the power button, and the device restarted. Anyone had anything like this happen? This is the second time this has happened to me in less then a day.


Feb 3, 2012
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Necro bump because you just saved me....

Was on the phone when it just went dead, purely dead.. battery <5% i was on the road thought nothing of it... came home plugged it in the wall, little white light then POOF after an hour "DROID" and she booted...

and the light went off... scariest thing thats happened yet, so dont let them turn themselves off it seems...