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Sep 5, 2011
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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the forum. I'm looking for threads that can help me disable Verizon's OTA update via the settings on my HTC TB. My phone was initially rooted using ADB 2.5 method, then Verizon pushed their update onto my phone. Once that happened and it rebooted itself, it would have an animated icon of an open box next to the droid robot logo, with a status bar filling up as it went. However, it never finished because then an orange triangle with an exclamation mark would appear where the box would be. Once this occurs, I can't do anything with my phone. I had to remove and replace the battery, do a hard reboot, wiping my everything. Then I proceeded to root with 2.5 again, but it didn't work. finally reroot with Revolutionary S-off, which worked. But even now, Verizon would still push updates, and when successful, I would return my phone to the orange triangle screen, but still rooted with SU access after hard reset. The only thing is I would lose all my apps and settings. Very frustrating. Does anyone know how to disable the push from the phone setting? Thanks.

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