Disabled OTA Settings in Hidden Menu now contact names not showing in text messages onlynumbers


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Dec 18, 2016
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Just bought an LG G5 3 days ago. I received an Android System Update in mu notifications. After hours of google searching how to disable I came across a post that told me to open Dialer and type in 277634#*#which took me to LG Hidden Menu then select Wifi test, click OTA Settings and click the big "Disable" button. I had to do it a couple of times before it actually worked and ever since it did now my contact names are showing in the default text messages application it only shows their number and picture but no name.

Now I've tried about everything including clicking the big enable button in OTA settings and after I wait 20 seconds then restart my phone it still says "Disabled"

Note: When I first turn on my phone the names show up but disappear after about 15 seconds. I feel like it has something to do with OTA being disabled.

Also when I go to my contacts and click on a random contact and click refresh then go back to my messages, all the names are there.

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