Disconnects and reconnect rapidly when charging also other problems (Google Play)

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My phone (Samsung J7 Pro 2017)
is disconnecting and reconnecting rapidly when charging
Makes the charging noise etc
Have tried 3 different charger
The phone also connects on and off rapid connected to my laptop
Has been on 48% for about an hour now
Might be a connection problem with the micro usb on the phone

Also when my is locked on Portrait mode and I turn my phone sideways it goes to landscape. Has there been some Android update or something that has caused these problems in the last 12 hours.

Also have lost my wish list on my Google play account had added like 40/50 apps to my wish list and they are all gone.

No one has used my phone, could it of possibly been hacked not sure what my device security is.


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May 4, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central!

The intermittent-connection problem certainly sounds like a hardware fault. Have you tried more than one micro USB cable, and have you tried (carefully) cleaning the phone's USB port?

I can't answer the second part. Google sometimes does crazy things to its own software without so much as a warning, and that could be what's behind your missing wish-list items.

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