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Discount Price with New 2 year deal?


New member
Sep 29, 2010
2 years ago I was able to get a discount price (250-350 don't recall) on the Galaxy S7 Edge with a new 2 year deal. It wasn't advertised, but apparently I was grandfathered in and able to get it.

Anyone know if that is still possible? Tried talking to oline chat, you can imagine how that went. Hate going into Sprint stores, i end up waiting for an hour as the sales associate shows someone how to set ring tones.


Moderator Team Leader
Apr 17, 2012
From my understanding they don't do any more 2 year deals.


Man of La Mancha
Dec 1, 2010
I had a question with this as well.
I have been with sprint since 2004 and they will not honor a flex lease with a new s9 plus. I would have to pay 38/mo instead of the price of 21/mo that is advertised for new lines and new customers.
How does that make sense to reward someone who has not been giving sprint $1,000's over the last 14 years.

Any ideas to help with this. I currently have a s7, owe maybe 25 bucks still on the current lease, and then want to trade it in. I cant even get a lg 30 plus for less than $30/mo. I have tried best buy and sprint stores, sprint.com etc...



New member
Jun 21, 2011
Sprint would only give me the discounted price if I added a line. That meant I would have to pay for 4 lines when I only needed 3. I ended up leaving and going to AT&T. I was with Sprint almost 14 years. Call customer service and ask for the retention department. I was told after I left they would've worked with me.