Display getting white and cloudy around the edge, how can I fix this?


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Display getting white and cloudy around the edge

Hi all,
I've been using Lenovo K3 Note for the past three months, and recently for the past three weeks, when I use the phone for more than 15 mins, the phone gets cloudy around the edges, and the main screen becomes foggy. This happens very quickly when I play games or browse the internet.

I am able to see things still and use the phone but I can see some ghosting effects, especially when i reboot the phone. The ghosting is more prominently visible, for e.g. the name Lenovo stays in he background in the while, or I can even see another battery bar on the top.

The display however, returns back to normal completely after 10 mins of not touching the phone.

What could be the problem.. ? Defective display?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: Display getting white and cloudy around the edge

Welcome to Android Central! Does it actually look like fog, as in moisture? If so, I'd be concerned that there's been a break in the screen integrity, allowing a bit of moisture to seep in. When you use the phone, it warms up, which causes the moisture to evaporate, then condense on the screen (like what happens in your car on a cold day after you get in).


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Jun 10, 2014
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is it bad for the screen tho or is it okay?

We don’t know what the fault is, so cannot really say. It may be as @B. Diddy mentions, or it may be some sort of backlight leakage, caused by lifting of the screen at the edges. I had that on a particular phone long ago - pressing the edges caused it to disappear temporarily. Try pressing your edges. What happens?
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