Do I have Spyware on my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone?


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Nov 20, 2014
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Urgent: Spyware on Samsung Galaxy 3 phone help!

I really would appreciate some help.

My device was given to me by an ex, I believe it was his previously, or belonged to someone he knew. Basically, the phone was not new when I was given it.

There is an app on my phone called "SuperUser" and have been informed that this is responsible for messages which keep flashing on my screen. These messages read "Shell has been granted superuser permissions".

I have been told all sorts of malicious stories, about spyware and hacking, and would just like to know the reality of what this is about. I have since rebooted the phone and the messages do not appear any more.

Thank you.
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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Superuser just means that the phone is rooted (which allows the user to have "superuser" status, and be able to modify more of the system settings). You can install and run an app like Root Checker to confirm the phone is rooted.

When your ex gave you the phone, did someone do a full factory reset? Whenever a phone changes hands, it should be factory reset. You definitely shouldn't be using the phone if it's still associated with his Google account. I don't know if this is what you mean when you say you rebooted the phone--rebooting is just powering the phone off, then on again.

If you haven't done a factory reset, then go to Settings>Backup & Reset, and select that option from there. Be aware that any data that hasn't been synced to your Google account, or backed up somewhere besides the phone, will be wiped.

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