Do I need LTE? Need help with picking out a phone!


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Jul 20, 2018
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Hi Everyone. I am an Android newbie. I am used to iPhones. My cell phone provider is H2O Wireless (AT&T). With the iPhone I just assumed I had LTE. I bought my first Android phone, a Moto G5 Plus and it had LTE but a small screen. I upgraded to the Moto G6 Plus, an international phone. There are two versions of the G6 Plus, the XT1926-5 and the XT1926-7. According to the internet, the XT1926-7 has the AT&T LTE bands but the XT1926-5, the one I purchased, did not. I returned it. I really liked the phone but I paid top dollar for a version that had no LTE. My question is, what exactly is LTE and do I need it? 99% of the time that I use my phone, I am on WiFi. When I'm not on WiFi, I'm using data for Google Maps, light internet browsing, and occasional YouTube. That's it. I don't play games or use heavy data tasks. I am interested in a lot of "international" phones but most all of them do not support my bands of LTE. Do I really need LTE? Next, what is Android P? Is this the replacement of Oreo? And what is Android One? My G5 Plus has Nougat and my G6 Plus had Oreo and I couldn't tell the difference. Any finally any suggestions for a $200 - $400 phone? I'm not a heavy phone user. I want a good camera and a larger screen that looks nice. I've looked at some Hauwei, Xiaomi, Asus, and a few others. Thanks in advance for the help. If I don't need LTE then my options are a lot bigger, but what exactly is LTE and do I need it? Thanks!


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Jan 11, 2014
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LTE is your 4G data connection, no LTE would result in either slower data speeds on say 3G or no data at all depending on phone and available towers.

Android P will come after Oreo, Android One is a special version of Android designed for low end hardware.

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