Do I remove the plastic film from the screen?


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Dec 17, 2014
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I just got an S4 and in fact it's my first touch-screen phone (don't laugh; you'll be as old as I am and out of touch with technology too one day :D)

OK, dumb question... It had several pieces of clear plastic stuck on it as protection, that I've peeled off. There's a sheet of film covering (most of) the screen and I'm not sure... Is that supposed to come off or not?

I've been teasing the corners of it and it's not coming off as easily as the other bits of film, making me wonder if it's perhaps meant to stay there.

But after only having the phone for 24 hours, the plastic film looks greased, no matter how much I wipe it, whereas the edges where the glass is not covered by plastic come clean perfectly.

Basically I'm just looking for some reassurance that this film was only for protection in transport and it's ok for me to take it off, right?