Dock: landscape, usb3 charging, non-adhesive based. Too much to ask for?


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Jun 12, 2010
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I'm looking for a dock which will charge at USB3 speeds (using my USB 3.0 cable), with which I can watch netflix while working on my pc, WHILE ON AC power!

I've started looking around but it seems that the docks which are landscape or portrait, rely on the device sticking to the dock (not practical in my dusty environment).

I'd love it if the dock could also charge a spare battery at the same time (that's just a plus, not a requirement).

And most importantly: it needs to work WITH a slim-case on !!

I might even be open to something like my ipad pillow (lap log) which basically is a pillow with a ledge/lip on which you can prop the device.

Any suggestions?

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