Does anyone know the life expentancy of the Gear S2 Classic or S3 Classic battery?


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Jan 31, 2017
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I have been unable to find ANY information about the life expectancy of the batteries in the Samsung S2 Classic and the S3 Classic. I even called Samsung and not only could they not give me an answer, but they could not tell me the cost or procedure of having the battery replaced when the time comes. All they could tell me is that I could expect to spend a minimum of @ $70 - their customary out-of-warranty service charge. If I'm going to spend $300 or $350 for a gizmo with a non-user-removable battery, I'd like to know the life expectancy, cost and procedure of having that battery replaced. It's one thing to buy an expensive watch for that price that you are going to have for forty years; it's another to spend it on a watch that you'll need to replace in two years. I realize it's wearable tech, not jewelry, but still...

If anyone can help with the info I'm looking for, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks!



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Aug 14, 2013
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I don't have an answer to your question, but I think you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Like cell phones, smartwatches will become functionally obsolete, even if they still work. This time period is likely to be 2-3 years. If you're not ok with this expense amortized at ~$125/yr, you probably shouldn't buy it.