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Does LG V35 Thinq support fast 10W wireless charging?

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Just ordered mine from Amazon ($599) and was curious what QI wireless charger to get.

Everest Winterlast

New member
Aug 12, 2018
The V30+ (& I believe V30) support "fast wireless charging" at a 15W standard but not V40 probably.

"Q: will this work with lg v40 fast charging
A: Thank you for your question.
This wireless charger is work with lg v40 fast charging,but only lg v30+ can achieve 15w output"

"Q: Would i get a fast 15 watt charge with my lg v35 slimq?
A: Thank you for your question.
Sorry,LG v35 slimq can't achieve 15W charge,only LG v30+ can get a fast 15W charge"

According to 15W wireless pad Seller Dessert Essence.