Does my Samsung Galaxy S5 need a fresh install and a root or is it not fixable?


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Dec 2, 2014
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Samsung Galaxy S5 issues following rooting/unlocking

I purchased an S5 online. Advertised as brand new-and unlocked. The fone arrived and I was in rush to leave for the weekend. I managed to back my numbers up but added nothing else. Within a few hours the fone was showing as running low on storage space-but the apps on there werent even taking up more than a gig of storage-and this is a 16gb fone and my external SD card was on there.

The mobile internet wasnt working either. Also on a call the fone cut off despite the battery at half life.

I took the fone to vodafone. They said the memory issue may be a ghost file so they did a factory reset. That seemed to resolve the problem. They also provided a new sim card to access the mobile internet.

Later that day the phone refused to reboot.

The next day-a friend accessed the fone and did a factory reset but then the phone was showing the IME wasnt recognised.

He then discovered this was a common problem with the type of chip (media tek). He dialled a command and resolved that issue.

However within an hour the mobile network stopped working.

Later that day the memory issue message popped up again. I am unable to download any apps and use the mobile internet and because the phone thinks its full its sluggish and lagging. Whatsapp refuses to work too-the message on that says 'this version of whats app ran out in Jan 2015 please reset your fones clock and download again' DESPITE the phones clock being accurate

I have contacted the ebayer and intially he was ok about the return but now hes saying its my fault for messing with the phone.

I believe the phone needs a fresh install and rooted again as Ive read sometimes rooting can cause software conflicts etc


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 issues following rooting/unlocking

Contact eBay and contest the purchase, since the phone wasn't working before you "messed with" it. They usually side with the buyer.

Next time, buy locally, even if it costs a bit more. Then you can just walk in, say "it doesn't work" and go from there. (A good carrier will just replace the phone if a few button presses or a little instruction to you doesn't resolve the issue - they get full credit from the manufacturer for returned phones, so they don't care.)

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