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Does the ume browser come preinstalled on any android device?I

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I got an Android phone from my girlfriend, (second hand) ,and she claims this "sneaky" browser came preinstalled on her then brand new device. Is this possibly true??


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Dec 6, 2011
Perhaps you should ask if it comes pre-installed on your device. Naming the device would probably yield a faster response than generically asking if it ever comes installed.

Meanwhile you're not going to factory reset the phone, or do you still need to have it tied to her account? Factory resetting the phone would eliminate all apps that aren't native, provided you don't use the auto restore option. Obviously if it's there after the reset it's native and if it's not it wasn't.

What device is it?

What makes the browser "sneaky"?

Is there a specific behavior that is happening that you don't like, what is it? We may be able to help you stop that even without knowing if the app is native.

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