Double-tap of Notification Bar has stopped working


AC Question

After a hard restart/reboot, the double-tap feature of my LG Optimus Exceed/Android 4.4.2 (Kit-Kat) just up and stopped working. I normally do that first on the date and time to get that set properly, and you can also use it to lock the device instead of the Power button, but neither does their thing now.

I've both soft- and hard-restarted/rebooted since then, but it remains non-compliant. The rest of it works as normal: it shows the time and date and the Settings icon when pressed, and can pull it down for your Notifications, Quick Launch, and QSlide features, it's just the double-tap that not working.

Is there a setting somewhere that was changed without my (express) permission to toggle this feature on and off? What else could be wrong with it?

It's a really minor thing and easily worked around, but I feel like it's indicative of something more going on, those little things that get ignored before the thing becomes a brick.


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