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Jul 7, 2014
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When signing in for the first time with the Samsung Account on a new device, Samsung always sends an email within a few minutes that acknowledges the new device. It just kind of says welcome to your new device, even shows the model and serial numbers, and usually has a discount code for accessories. I received the same email for my S6, S7, and now Note 8.

For the Note 8, the code is for 30% off any accessory $69.99 or less which covers at least all of the cases, but a few other things too. The new Alcantara covers run $49.99 which is high end for a simple case. Well, with 30% off that makes it a more reasonable $35. So when I received that email, I immediately ordered my case from Samsung directly.

Well, I just got that email again with a new code! How? I signed in to my Samsung account for the second time, this time in Secure Folder. In Secure Folder, go to three dot menu > Settings > Backup and Restore. From the Backup and Restore screen, go through the steps of setting up the backup even if you don't complete it. After signing in with your account, watch for that email to arrive again.Capture.jpg

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