Doubts about IMEI repair in live demo.

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May 9, 2024
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Hello! Guys, I would like to ask a question, I recently acquired my first Samsung cell phone (s24 ultra) and I was obsessed with branded cell phones, so I researched and found a cell phone at a very cheap price sold in a market place in my country, ( s22+) the cell phone was perfect with a single issue: it is LIVE DEMO, for those who don't know what LIVE DEMO is basically, they are cell phones used in shop windows for demonstration purposes, they are generally sold or discarded later, returning to the subject this cell phone has exactly all the functions of a normal device only with the IMEI which is reset (000000...), after several searches I found some programs that do this type of repair even with the original IMEI (what is written on the back plate of the device), I started to studying the subject but the information is very scarce and it seems that those who know it don't like to share it, I'm coming here to find out if they know anything and if they can help me.

Some of the questions are, how do I know when I should and should not use an EDL cable?

In which software can I do this type of repair? (there are several on the market, but is there a safer one or one that will really guarantee that the job is done?)
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