Downloading certain radio shows and podcasts with stock browser


Sep 12, 2011
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So I had a question about the stock htc browser on my 3d ....I am not complaining but rather happy , I listen to a radio show called Coast to Coast AM and when I go to the website to download archived shows I am able to download the entire shows and they appear in the music player, the same goes for when I am browsing some por*n when I click the video it always has a option for me to download and save the video instead of streaming it. I really like that I am able to do that but my queston is why does my other phone or phones not allow me to do this, I have a Epic and a Photon( just usin it for a week or two to see if I like it over my 3d so far I do not ) and when visiting the Sprint store near me I tried to see if I can download my show with a epic touch and it wouldn't let me, says content not supported ....why is the HTC browser able to do this only ? I tried downloading with each phone in desktop mode for browser and about:debug for the photon ua string to desktop...than I retried in mobile view and still nothing .....also I think I tried all the browsers in the market, opera,bolt, firefox,dolphin,etc etc and still nothing

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