Downloads within third party app not working?


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Apr 22, 2021
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I want to use a third party app as my keyboard app, the app is "A Keyboard" from Firsteapps. I use this app on my old phone, a Samsung Galaxy A5 and downloading language packs for "A Keyboard" is working without problems on that phone. But on my Pixel 4a I can´t download any language packs.

When I click on a specific language to download within the A Keyboard app the download seems to begin but it never finishes. I've given the app permission to access my contacts and my phone. I´ve also cleared the cache for the A Keyboard app.

As I have the same version of the app on both my Samung and my Pixel phone something seems to be wrong within the Pixel as downloading languages for the app works without problems on my Samsung phone.

I´ve already tried several things

Updating my phone
Reinstallning A Keyboard
Log out and log into A Keyboard
Cleaning the cache of A Keyboard and Google Play
Granting access for A Keyboard to place and contacts of my phone

Firsteapps doesn´t seem to have any support for this app as they don´t answer to chat messages nor on Messenger or to e-mails.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Any tips on how to solve this issue?


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Jul 7, 2013
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Depending on which A5 you have, it's running either Nougat (Android 7) or Oreo (Android 8). The Pixel is running Android 11. Have you confirmed that the keyboard app supports Android 11?

It was last updated in March of this year so it certainly SHOULD. I do see several reviews indicating similar problems, so it seems there may be an underlying issue with that app and the best recourse is contacting the developer, as you've done.