Dream ROMs for Rooted Pulse (or any other phone)


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Dec 17, 2009
So, imagine you can program ROMs (some of us cannot program for love nor money so we wait for others to program them), and you could create any ROM you wanted for your Pulse (or any other Android phone for that matter). What would you put in it as an ideal setup once you got all the basic stuff working?

Well, assuming that we have ROM Faeries (nice people who write ROMs), I would vote for an Android 2.1 ROM for Pulse with root access, RA-pulse-v1.5.2 as the recovery screen (or a later version written with 2.1 in mind), Quick Boot, Dolphin Browser as the default browser (with the ability to upgrade but a factory reset just puts it to the earlier version again), ALL the current Google apps, including Google Goggles as standard, and all those useful little apps that having root access makes worth having.

If I could create ROMs, I'd be naming mine Kryten (It's a droid, duh).

Now what would you have in your dream ROM?