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Dec 17, 2013
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In just few days after launch Drive Help made some impressive results in App Store and Google Play Store. Drive Help hit number 1 in Travel category in Croatia and Bulgaria and it?s in Top 10 list in Slovenia, Greece and Macedonia and still growing in many countries like Portugal, Greece, Turkey etc.
Drive Help is completely free! Drive Help is an application made with drivers in mind. With a set of carefully crafted features Drive Help will quickly become your perfect driving buddy. This simple app will help you a lot without distracting you too much! On just one screen you will have a bunch of helpful information about your trip.
Users are able to track their trip duration, current, average and max. speed, travel expenses and much more. With Drive Help users can report police patrols and speed traps while, at the same time, see reports from other users within seconds.
Drive Help is made with simplicity in mind, so it is visually very well crafted. Interaction with the app is very simple, based on one touch so it does not distract driver.
Alerting module is very intuitive so you will be warned properly about the risks on the road reported by other users.
Try Drive Help for free, join our driving community and experience your journey in a whole new way!
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More info: DriveHelp - Your Driving Buddy

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