Droid 2 Hard Case that fits Extd Battery


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Apr 18, 2010
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My subject says it all. Face it the any stock battery is too small, and everyone is buying the extd. battery, so why the heck can't they make hard cases that fit the Droid 2/D2G with extd. batteries?

Does anyone know of a hard case that will fit it, it would seem easy enough to add a second back and charge a few $$$ more for the extra plastic.


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Aug 31, 2010
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Back door

I read something someplace yesterday that said if you use the Extended Bat. do not place the back door but use the hard case only. ie Seidio Innocase Surface. I have ordered the battery and will let you know if it works.


I have had the case for about a week. I have had no problem using just the case w/o the battery back door. Side note, I find that this battery is running cooler as well.
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