Droid Eris Problems... Need help A.S.A.P.

Slick Nick

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Dec 28, 2012
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My brother recently bought this droid Eris.. He gave it to me since he really cant use it because its a cdma phone... Ive been trying to use it for internet and mp3 purposes but i simply cant get on to the home menu... the WiFi refuses to connect to my home WiFi, but after reading up on a couple sites and i discovered that i could use methods to bypass the activation settings but none of them work... the only thing i got through with was to search for music in the quick search, but still not getting the internet to work. Why? and can you help... i tried rebooting it as well a couple times when the phone stuck... It usually works but today after i got home its been stuck on the three androids on skateboards... thought it was because the battery died but i guess that's not the case since i charged it fully when i got home until the little light got green.... can anyone help me please... i really want to:'( use the phone... and most of all i wanna get it off of this stupid start up screen... :'(... :confused:


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Jan 3, 2010
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I think that I would hard reset (or factory reset) the Eris. These instructions should walk you through it: Hard Reset HTC Droid Eris

Do you know if the phone is rooted?

To get past activation, allow the phone to dial to activate, but as soon as you hear it ringing the line, press the disconnect (left, or red) button. It will retry this two more times; after the third try, it will give up and allow you to proceed through setup without activation. Unfortunately, with the Eris, the tap the four corners starting at the upper left (upper left, upper right, lower right, lower left) doesn't work - only that failed three dials works reliably and easily. (If that doesn't work, there is another way, using programming commands on the keypad - a bit of a pain to go through.)