Droid MAXX Stuck at Boot


Sep 7, 2013
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I lost my previous phone and bought a clean used one, Droid MAXX. Came nice and working, 4.2.2, OTA 12.15.15.

I first used RockMyMoto (ADB, telnet) to root successfully. Then immediately proceeded to TitaniumBackup to batch-restore about 40-50 apps with data. Seemed to finish successfully on surface (didn't run all). Rebooted to settle all changes and -- bam, a problem! The phone gets stuck at the animated boot logo (red eye).

I forced to shut it down by holding the Power key, then tried to boot into Recovery -- reboots with no prompts and gets stuck at the same point again. After many attempts gave up and agreed to do a hard reset, chose Factory in boot menu -- again reboots with no prompts and gets stuck again.

I am desperate to get back to a workable phone and ok with starting over. Is it possible to get back to what I received -- un-rooted, factory reset device? Having spent all day with this, I am at a verge of buying another phone again... Cannot believe that this phone became useless. Thank you very, very much for your help!