droid razr m touch screen not working in spots


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Was using google maps on verizon mobile 4G and maps suddenly located me in the middle of the pacific ocean. I'm in Phx, AZ. After that the touch screen started acting wonky. Wouldn't allow me to select items in dialog boxes in portrait but would would in landscape. the middle row of keys on the virtual android keyboard (ASOP) wont work in portrait. I tried cleaning the screen, (I only have a 1/16" (maybe smaller) scratch that has been there for over a year.) I then tried power cyling the phone. tried soft reset with power/vol down. tried clearing data, histories, checked for system updates at verizon, google, and moto care. uninstalled all 3rd party apps. finally succumbed to try factory reset . did not auto restore
and nothing. I treat my Phone with kit gloves and use an otterbox case. this keyboard issue happened out of the blue. any idea after factory restore Android showed version 4.4 I swear this wasn't out when my phone was built in 5/2013 so do I have it after a factory reset.?

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! If you updated the phone, it doesn't roll back with a factory reset.

Not sure what to say about the screen issues except that the digitizer might be malfunctioning. If it were a software problem, the factory reset should have corrected it. If you have a microSD card inserted, remove it and reboot--a corrupt card could cause various problems.


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Aug 23, 2014
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Thanks, I was afraid that it might be hardware issue. mapped the areas where it wasn't working and it seems to be hit or miss. Don't know why it could have failed. Oh well, hopefully wont have too much out of pocket to fix. I have always been a loyal motorola user. And have had the same cell account for 20 yrs. ( Co. wasn't even Verizon yet.) Have replacement insurance, am going to try them tomorrow.

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