Droid to Eris calling, haven't ya got any SENSE?


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Nov 26, 2009
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I played with an Eris. I'm kind of impressed! Coming from a Droid I noticed a few things about Eris that I was really pleased with.

For one, the whole "scenes" thing is totally awesome. First impressions leave you walking away from Eris probably more impressed than you would with a Droid. The initial setup and everything it throws at you is really well laid out for a new user. You got your Twitter, email, SMS, weather, and at a glance info all ready to roll.

On the Droid you have to really go out and manually customize all this. I'm finding that the Sense widget engine is really robust. I'd almost really like to see HTC break out of their shell a little bit and offer Sense as a home replacement for Droid. Then, open up the Sense widget engine for 3rd party development. The graphics and animation would really impress people.

This phone sets you up from the get-go. I loved it.

Will I leave my Droid? Heck no! For what HTC wants to do with Hero/Eris, it looks like they really didn't give this thing the balls to do it with suave. Things take a noticeably longer time to load. The screen resolution really gets noticeable when you try your favorite Android apps on the Droid and then go try them on the Eris. The speaker is also weak compared to Droid's.

Not that this is a bad phone, it's a great phone. Very svelte form factor. Felt great in the hand. Screen is smooth, but it's still not the Droid's gorilla glass :)

It's a great phone, just the Droid is greater :) However when you look at the price, I'd say that Eris is more bang for the buck to be sure. At $100 bucks this thing is a WIN.


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Nov 11, 2009
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Yah HTC definately has a great UI. And the Eris is vastly underrated, if not just unknown / poorly marketed. I like a little larger phone myself, but it has a very nice feel in the hand, is layed out well, and again the UI is the best available on Android imo.

They should have beefed up the battery & slapped in a slightly more powerful cpu/gpu combo, but for most people it is more than adequate in that department.

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