Droid X2 Home screen flashing and App icons disappearing


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Mar 2, 2011
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Need help.. (former Droid X user) Bought a Droid X2 recently and have had lots of issues so far the worst being that the home screen flashes A LOT and any app icons or widgets I have there disappearing entirely then reappear after a few seconds . Also when I open the app drawer all the app icons take about 10-20 seconds to appear and while waiting you can see them slowly repopulating.

I use ADW and thought maybe that was the problem so over the weekend i uninstalled and went stock also tried Launcher Pro then GO Launcher EX and had the same results with each one. Also when I switched from the DX to DX2 I simply popped the memory card from one to the other so not sure if its the memory card that is causing this?? OH YEA and I get the music skipping a lot while playing music I have installed on the memory card.

Has anyone once else had these issues?? It really sucks because while the original DX was really laggy at times I figured the dual core on the DX2 would take care of that but honestly it seems worse! I am more concerned with the screen flashing and app drawer issues than anything else.

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Aug 13, 2011
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As far as the redraws go I don't have that issue. I use adw and have pushed it to system/app folder so it runs as a system app. I do get redraws on widgets if the system persistent is checked and allows for landscape or portrait modes. As far as music, it sucks I cannot get it to stop skipping period!!! While rooting and custom roms help,along w some scripts I have flashed helps. It still skips when multitasking.

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