Droids ear piece


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Mar 10, 2009
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Droids ear piece fuzzy ?

Does it seem kind of fuzzy on calls to land line and cellphones? (Mine does)
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Nov 13, 2009
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You can try changing your audio codec to EVRC-B from the default EVRC:

To get into the programming menu, from the call screen, enter ##PROGRAM and press send. Enter code 000000.

In option 04, you can change the vocode option to EVRC-B, or 13K, it made my in-call audio sound better. Your phone will reset after you exit and apply the new setting.

Warning: Be careful what options you change in the programming menu, you could potentially brick your phone.

According to this link:

Enhanced Variable Rate Codec B - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The EVRC-B codec is the newer, more advanced codec. I'm using the EVRC-B codec now, so no worries about bricking your Droid by changing the setting.