Droidx2 just won't curse anymore. Voice to text


Aug 24, 2013
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I have a problem, droidx2 used to swear like a sailor but just stopped the other day. Block offensive words is unchecked. I have tried checking un checking, batt pulls etc. I also added words in my dictionary still won't swear. I did notice if I launch the google search app and tap the microphone beside the text box it recognizes swear words and searches for them, and occasionally will repeat the word to me. Hangout app used to swear in voice to text but no more, and as I said block offensive words is unchecked and words have been added to the dictionary.
It's strange if I do a google search and use the microphone beside the text box it swears perfectly to text, but if I use the mic. In the keyboard it just gives me s*** etc....

Any thoughts??