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Dropped Galaxy Ace Style in water. Can it be saved?


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Dropped Galaxy Ace Style in water.

I dropped my phone in a bit of water in the sink at work yesterday. It worked fine for the rest of the shift until the battery went dead because it was low anyway. When I got back home I plugged it in the charger and it would not turn on. I took the battery out and plugged in the charger and the phone turned on but after the initial samsung screen it reboots and goes back to the samsung screen then flickers out and reboots over and over without ever making it to the home screen. If i do this but put the battery in while it's booting up I get to the home screen but the battery is 0 percent and it dies. So the only way I've made it to the home screen is by slipping in the battery while booting up.

I put it in rice over night but it's still doing this this morning. Any advice?


Mike Fieramusca

New member
Mar 13, 2015
Re: Dropped Galaxy Ace Style in water.

You should try to get some juice into the battery or you could try to soft reset your phone on the charger, as you said it was working on just the charger

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Dec 25, 2013
Re: Dropped Galaxy Ace Style in water.

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Sadly the worst thing to do, and most dangerous, if you know it definitely got wet inside is to leave the battery in if it's removable, worse to turn it on, and a big no no is to charge it. Most people including myself wouldn't know that unless you can read about it.

There is a guide below by Rukbat.

The impurities in the water cause serious damage and corrosion to circuits.
Last chance would be to bathe it several times in Isopropyl Alcohol to clean it out, as per the guide.