Dropped my LG G2 in the toilet!!


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Jun 8, 2015
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So i dropped my phone 2 days ago in the toilet. It was on for few seconds then it turned off.

Then, big mistake due to panic, i tried to turn it on again. It went on for like 1 second then screen went weird and turned off.

Then, another dumb mistake, i connected the earphones. The phone made a small "explosion" of water in the earphone jack.

Now, after 2 days in bag of rice and dessecant, it wont turn on or charge. Is my phone dead or is there still hope? Checked the net, im still hoping for the isopropyl method.

Thanks for replies!

Edit: is there any way to get the files back at least?


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Jan 5, 2015
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Take out the SD card to get the files. Also if you have the Google Account backup option when you get a new phone it will restore it to be like your old one. And I do love white rice ;)