Dust gathering quite quickly over 3x lens, especially when using cases which completely surround it


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Apr 17, 2016
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Has anyone else also noticed dust gathering relatively rapidly over the 3x lens especially when using cases which completely surround it? A lot of cases have this style now, presumably because it helps with lens protection - I'd rather it actually have more opening with the Flash LED and Laser AF though, so that dust can more spontaneously distribute away and not accumulate over the 3x lens. The other larger lenses don't seem to have this issue, presumably because there's a larger surface area for the dust to distribute and spontaneously move away.

What's interesting though is that despite the 3x lens looking quite dusty in appearance, it doesn't appear to affect photo/video quality, which is somewhat counter-intuitive - how bad does it need to get before it affects this? Perhaps smudges are more of an issue than dust particles over a lens?

Finally, I'd be interested in simple suggestions to clean the dust off the lens in this particular scenario, without removing the case - it's actually quite hard to do this over the 3x lens, as the access to it is quite limited due to being a relatively small hole, and the dust tends to be quite stubborn!